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The Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services

Cabinet refinishing services can have many advantages that make them a good alternative to outright replacing your cabinets. Three of the top benefits include:


As Good as New
Because cabinet refinishers restore the exterior only, you get the same visual appeal that brand new cabinets would offer. Cabinet refacing includes the doors and drawer fronts, along with new hardware and surfaces. The new hardware includes new hinges, so sagging and ill-fitting doors won’t be an issue any longer. If you’re tired of peeling finishes, creaking, hinges, broken or outdated knobs, refinishing — not replacing — is the way to go.

What do you need?

These are the top three reasons why you should consider refinishing your cabinets, as opposed to scrapping them. If you’re tired out old and outdated cabinets in your home, reach out to a cabinet refinishing service near you and set up a consultation. Contact Better Than New Kitchens today. You’ll be amazed once you see your old cabinets looking as good as new.

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